Eveready Distributor
MERCURY TRADERS is one of India's most reputed Electrical & Lighting products company.

The company has a portfolio comprising dry cell batteries (carbon zinc batteries, rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries), flashlights (torches) and packet tea.

MERCURY TRADERS is a distributor for EVEREADY INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD for more than 50 yrs now. EVEREADY is India's largest selling brand of dry cell batteries and flashlights (torches), with dominant market shares of about 46% and 85% respectively.

MERCURY TRADERS provides quality services, products and the right kind of shopping environment. It has developed itself as a household name and has set high standards for itself with the mission statement: " Always give the best".

The organization has an innovative and adaptive environment. MERCURY TARDERS has achieved customer delight by presenting value products and services through continuous improvement. It has a team of dedicated and passionate employees maintained by constant training.

MERCURY TRADERS has developed long lasting relationships with its business partners. It employs the best practices of the industry through cost analysis. It has brought about a veritable revolution in the retail industry through its constant efforts and innovation in Electrical & Lighting products. It has been a benchmark for many upcoming retailers. It has brought about an important change in the industry and has distinguished itself from others.

MERCURY TRADERS has acquired the best processes and procedures in various fields, such as Marketing & Brand Development, customer relationship management and so on.

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